By following a few simple tips, you will not only enhance your boots’ appearance, but will extend the life of them as well. Your leather boots are a natural material made from the hides of animals. Whether it’s the exotics or the cowhides, all fine leather goods require special care.

In making leather, the hide is treated to preserve it. This process, more commonly known as the tanning process makes leather soft and easy to manage. Because leather is durable, it is able to withstand extreme conditions like high temperatures and high humidity, however there are special care steps and products that will need to be used to maintain the leather in diverse climates.

By following these simple steps you’ll provide the minimal amount of care your leather needs.

• Before wearing your leather boots, condition them to resist stains. Saba’s sells the Boot Conditioner product or look for a Leather/Boot Conditioner product at your local western or leather goods store.

• Keep leather free from dust by wiping your boots with a soft dry cloth every time you take them off.

• Allow your leather boots to “air out” between wearing about 24 hours.

• Apply conditioner to your leather boots occasionally to replace natural oils that are lost during normal wear and also to remove dust or light dirt.

• If leather gets wet, allow it to dry naturally and condition it to restore its natural beauty.

Exotic Leathers
• Exotic Leathers require special care because of their unique textures. It is important to clean and condition eel, snakeskin, lizard, alligator, elephant, and sharkskin to avoid splits, tears, and creases.

• Ostrich leather boots require less care than other leathers, but they do need to be conditioned regularly with an exotic boot conditioner.

• Pig Skin, both smooth and suede, each require different care. Smooth pig skin may be cared for just like cowhide while your suede should be brushed with a nylon brush and conditioned with conditioner specifically for suede.